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Buy Leads, Sell Leads, Products Development. We provide a marketplace for both buy side and sell side media. Explode your income via new sales streams, new revenue streams and new product streams.

Buy Leads

We help increase sales and revenue by getting you high quality qualified leads with the fraction of the price.

Sell Leads

We help our clients monetize their underutilized assets. Mainly websites, social media audience, online communities and more.



Revolutionizing Digital Marketing for Buyers and Sellers

Traditional digital marketing methods often leave money on the table. Here’s how we’re disrupting the game:

Lead Buying

Acquire high-quality leads primed through a hot funnel, ready for your service or solution. We cater to various sectors, including Home Improvements, Addiction, Relationships, B2B, and Services.

Lead Selling

If you’ve maximized traditional monetization methods (Affiliate, Display Ads, Sponsored Ads, etc.), take the next step. Sell leads from your existing database or communities to generate new revenue streams while helping your audience.

Product Development

Want to launch a new product for your audience but lack the time and resources for R&D, product development, and launch? We introduce top products with proven market fit and place your branding on them.


Leverage our extensive knowledge and expertise (over 10 years) to form the best partnerships and achieve your business goals.

— About Us

Aim Digital Group.

At AIM Digital Group, our parent company has facilitated M&A deals exceeding $50 million USD for digital assets. We’re now expanding our services to help businesses and creators unlock their untapped potential. Throughout our advisory experience, we’ve consistently identified a significant gap in valuation or a major lever that savvy acquirers could utilize post-deal.


We take you to the next level.

Focus on what you do best—whether you’re a business or a creator—while we bring you the best opportunities. Imagine yourself as an NBA star, creating magic on the court, with an agent securing major endorsement deals off the court. You’re the star, and we’re your agent!


Buy Leads

We precisely target your ideal customers through our highly reputable media partners. By segmenting audiences based on budget, location, gender, and behavior, we deliver leads in real-time through our seamless ping tree system, integrated with your CRM. We also support call leads, which are sent directly to your call center or sales agents.

Get maximum result with less work

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Sell Leads

Maximize your earnings by selling leads to a panel of top advertisers eager to reach your audience. Using our ping tree system, we ensure you get the best price. You can earn through multiple methods:

  • Pay Per Lead: Receive a flat fee for each lead produced and sold.
  • Flat Monthly Fee: Get a consistent monthly payment from advertisers to feature on your site.
  • Pay Per Conversion: Earn based on specific events triggered by your leads.


Get maximum result with less work

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Product Development

Want to introduce a new product without the hassle of research, development, and testing? We handle everything for you, from developing new products to sourcing white-label solutions, allowing you to expand your offerings effortlessly.

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Join the disruptors in this space and skyrocket your business


Buying Leads

Selling Leads

Frequently Asked Question

We create a dynamic marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. Our proprietary technology tracks and sells leads in real-time, ensuring seamless transactions.

You can purchase call leads and form submission leads.

Our leads are sourced from high-authority sources across the internet, targeting the right audience. Each lead undergoes automation and anti-fraud checks to ensure 100% validity. Additionally, buyers are not obligated to pay for unqualified leads.

Yes, all leads are tracked, and calls are recorded. We ensure leads meet your criteria before delivery. If discrepancies arise, leads can be disqualified with sufficient evidence.

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